District Weather Forecasts
Current 3-Day 5-period forestry weather forecast, 7-day forestry weather and current National Fire Danger Ratings by GFC Districts.
Maps - Observation and Forecast maps for Georgia. Variables include KBDI, last 24 hour rainfall, fire danger, mixing height and low visibility risk index.

Graphs - Observations at the 19 GFC weather stations for the last week, last 4 weeks and las year.

Current Hourly Weather Data at RAWS - Current Hourly Weather Data at GOES-RAWS in Georgia

Current Fire Danger Ratings - Current National Fire Danger Ratings at GFC and co-operators' weather stations.

Forecast Fire Danger Ratings - Forecast National Fire Danger Ratings at GFC and co-operators' weather stations for tomorrow.

Fire Danger at UGA stations - Current National Fire Danger Ratings at UGA weather stations

Current Air Quality Monitor Readings - from GA EPD (Environmental Protection Department)

Nationwide 7-Day Forecast - 7-day Forecast for continental 48 States

Weather Graphics from NOAAPORT/LEADS system Weather graphics generated by NOAAPORT/LEADS system

Wildland Fire Assessement System (WFAS) by USFS - National Fire Danger Map based on Weather Information Management System(WIMS)

Related Links - Links that are relevant to weather and fire weather.

Web-Based V-smoke Application Project Smoke Plumes from your prescribed burn

Point Forecast - Estimates weather at a user entered latitude and longitude by hour for 67 hours.

Rx Weather Notification System- We will email you when your weather prescription fits forecasts from our Point Forecast System.

Prescribed Fire Climatology - A program to calculate the frequency by month, of consecutive hours when all weather prescription variables are within range.

Current Weather - Current Weather at NWS stations.

Climate Outlook - Climate outlook for the next 6 months. This information came from National Center of Climate Prediction (NCEP).

Fire Potential Outlook for next 3 months from Predictive Services of NIFC (National Interagency Fire Center)

NFDRS Indices Interpretation - A brief explanation to National Fire Danger Rating System indices as used in Georgia Forestry Commission.

Weather Forecast Interpretation - A brief explanation to the indices and variables used in Weather Forecasts issued by Georgia Forestry Commission.

Fire Report Wx - Fire Danger Ratings information needed for internal GFC fire reports for the last 5 weeks.

Climate Data - Archives of weather data collected at the 19 GFC weather stations across the State

Search Weather Forecasts - Search Archives of district weather forecasts issued by GFC.

General Information about Fire Weather System

Photo Gallery of GFC Weather Station Network

Visitor Statistics

NWS Red Flag Warning for Georgia - Detailed Explanation.

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